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Learn Ways Our Sinus Doctor Can Help Your Sinus Symptoms

Treating patients who have problems and concerns with their sinus health is very common for Dr. Davis. Healthy sinuses are empty chambers in the face and forehead that add moisture to the air we breathe. However, these chambers are susceptible to inflammation and infection that can be severe enough to cause chronic problems. This sinus infection, called sinusitis, has many potential causes including bacteria, allergies, immune problems, polyps and other structural abnormalities that may become increasingly problematic over time. Regardless of the cause, sinusitis can create frustrating symptoms including nasal blockage, sinus headaches, facial or tooth pain, drainage from the nose or down the back of the throat, and problems with smell and taste. A chronic cough can also develop, particularly in children. Dr. Davis will thoroughly review all of your symptoms and discuss your various treatment options with you. Some of our patients find relief through medication like nasal spray, saline rinses, steroid pills, or an antibiotic prescription. Others require a more permanent solution in which case we offer Balloon Sinuplasty.


How Our Sinus Doctor Diagnoses Your Problem

The first step in diagnosis of sinus problems is always a complete evaluation with Dr. Davis where he will ask you a series of questions regarding your sinus symptoms, history of sinus problems, and any other treatments or medications you are on or you have tried. During the next part of the exam we check the sinus drainage pathways using a very small scope which is about the width of a spaghetti noodle and that is placed in the nose to look for swelling, polyps, and other abnormalities. If there is an active infection, we can also check for harmful bacteria with a Q-Tip culture. Since the sinuses are surrounded by bone, a CT scan, will provide the clearest, most comprehensive view. Our patients enjoy the convenience of having their sinus CT scans in our own office rather than needing to go to a hospital imaging facility. We review the scan with you in detail, pointing out which sinuses are swollen and whether there are any structural issues contributing to your particular symptoms. From this point, Dr. Davis will recommend which type of treatment would be best to move forward with.

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Treatment Options for Sinus Problems

If we can provide solutions to our patients without invasive techniques that is always our preference. Medical treatment is typically the initial line approach and often includes nasal sprays, saline rinse or, in severe cases, a steroid pill or antibiotic prescription. For chronic sufferers who need a more definitive and long lasting solution, we offer Balloon Sinuplasty, which is a simple in-office treatment performed with topical anesthesia. Dr. Davis places a small balloon through the nose and into the narrowed sinus drainage pathways. He then inflates the balloon which widens blocked areas, and then the balloon is removed and the remaining sinuses are treated during the same visit. We also offer minimally invasive endoscopic procedures for blocked nasal pathways. These procedures can also be performed on an outpatient basis by Dr. Davis at a nearby operating room, and have helped many patients regain their ability to breath clearly which greatly improved their overall quality of life.

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