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Leaders in care for Southern California, The Breathe Clear Institute is dedicated to providing the highest level of ENT treatments to people in Hawthorne and the surrounding areas. From non-invasive treatments to surgical procedures, we create a plan for your specific condition that’s going to alleviate your symptoms, get to the root cause of the problem, and is minimally invasive. Our goal is to alleviate your suffering so that you can get back to living life on your own terms and eliminate any ear, nose, or throat issues that you might have. We’re the premiere place in the South Bay for you to get the relief that you deserve for your ear, nose, and throat issues. Led by Dr. Steven Davis, our team uses the most innovative methods available today to give you the care that you deserve. We specialize in the management and treatment of conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat, and are dedicated to finding the actual cause of your problem and working to find the best plan of treatment for your unique needs.


The Breathe Clear Institute: Our Treatments and Procedures

For every ear, nose, or throat condition, there are a wide variety of treatment options that can help you to get back to normal. Usually, they come in three varieties: medicine, in office treatments, and treatments that require surgery and anesthesia. Our goal is to alleviate your suffering with the most minimally invasive treatment plan that also addresses the original cause of your condition. Working alongside Dr. Davis, our physicians assistants, researchers, coordinators, and managers have dedicated themselves to making sure that every patient that walks through our front door receives the level of care that they deserve.

Our ENT Doctor's Office Staff

We have the most reputable team of physicians, doctors, coordinators, and managers helping people all over the Hawthorne area get the care that they deserve, allowing them to finally experience relief. If you or a loved one is living with chronic congestion, pain, dizziness, problems sleeping, or any other condition related to the ear, nose, or throat, we’re here to work our very hardest to provide you with a treatment plan and ultimately a solution. There are plenty of options that range from non-invasive treatments to surgery that can help alleviate your symptoms and get to the root cause of your problem. We encourage you to come and meet with Dr. Davis and our staff to so we can get to work on creating a solution that works for your unique needs.


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You don’t have to keep suffering from your ear, nose, and throat symptoms. The Breathe Clear Institute wants to help you experience the relief that you deserve. When you come in for your appointment you will be greeted by a team of dedicated individuals who want to see you get relief from your symptoms because they understand how frustrating it can be to live your life with chronic congestion, debilitating allergies, or sinus pain. There are a couple different ways to get in touch with us and make your appointment. You can call our office directly and speak to our patient coordinator, or you can fill out our online contact form and plan your appointment that way. Either way you choose, we look forward to meeting with you and helping you feel better.