Sinus Pressure? A CT Scan Can Answer Your Questions

What Can You Do About Sinus Pressure?

Sinus pressure is uncomfortable and can disrupt your daily life. In severe cases, the pressure can turn into pain in the form of a headache, facial pain, tooth pain and pain between or behind the eyes. If you experience these symptoms, you will most likely want to get some help. An important step toward getting relief is accurately diagnosing the problem and figuring out which sinuses are swollen or blocked.  We do this by getting a CT scan.

What Is A CT Scan?

A CT or CAT scan allows doctors to see a detailed image of the structures inside your body. It uses a computer and a combination of X-rays to create a picture of your tissues, bones, and organs. These scans show much more detail than a simple X-ray. You can get a CT scan on any part of your body. The process is painless and takes less than a minute.

Is it performed in the office?

Yes, we offer the convenience of having a low-dose CT scan in our office so you won’t have to go to a hospital imaging facility. The scan is then reviewed with you in detail to determine if there are any structural issues and/or sinus diseases that are causing your symptoms. Following this, we will recommend your best treatment option.

Other benefits of our in-office CT scan include:

  • Producing a high-resolution CT scan to view immediately
  • Exposing our patients to less radiation – about 1/10th to 1/6th the dose of a conventional sinus ct
  • An open design for patient comfort

What symptoms would warrant a CT Scan?

If you have recurring symptoms of sinusitis or symptoms that will not go away, a CT scan is likely warranted.  Symptoms of sinusitis include nasal blockage, facial or forehead pressure, colorful postnasal drip, and cough. Your physician may try to treat your symptoms with medication first, but if this fails or if the pressure simply returns when the medication is completed, a scan may help us determine the cause. If your sinus pain is so severe that you cannot function, a scan may be your best and first option.

Are you awake?

You remain awake and standing up throughout the CT process. You will want to stay very still during the scan, but it is painless and takes less than a minute.

Is the procedure and recovery process painful?

Having a CT scan is like having an X-ray. Since it doesn’t hurt, there is no recovery process at all. You will not have any pain during or after the scan.

What are some issues that a CT Scan could help diagnose?

A CT scan can give the doctor a better view of your sinuses and can also identify any structural issues. If the doctor suspects sinusitis, the scan will help diagnose that ailment. It can also evaluate if the sinuses are filled with fluid and show thickened sinus membranes. If there is any inflammation present, it will be seen on the CT scan. In addition, you will receive information if there any tumors found in the sinuses or nasal cavity.