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The Most Innovative ENT Doctor Near Redondo Beach

If you are one of the many people in and around Redondo Beach suffering from allergies, nasal congestion, ear pain, and other ear, nose, and throat conditions, Dr. Davis and the rest of the team at the Breath Clear Institute would love to meet you and help. Unfortunately, so many people who suffer from these problems don’t know that there are actually ways to figure out the root causes of the symptoms, and also comprehensive treatment plans to eliminate them. Through our numerous methods of treatment and meticulous diagnosis process, we will find your exact ailment and create a plan that targets the actual cause of your issue, not just the symptoms. Through offering the most innovative treatments in Redondo Beach, we have come to be known as the go-to place for helping people breathe clearer, and live happier, healthier lives. If you need assistance with ear, nose, and throat issues, we can help.


The Breathe Clear Institute: Our Treatments and Procedures

The Breathe Clear Institute is dedicated to finding the ear, nose, and throat problems that affect Redondo Beach residents every day, and providing the very best treatment options for those people so that they can experience the relief that they deserve. It can be extremely frustrating to live with chronic ear, nose, or throat pain and have no idea what is causing it or what can stop it. The Breathe Clear Institute will get you on the path to recovery so that you can feel like your best self.

Our ENT Doctor's Office Staff

Our staff is dedicated to getting to the root of your problem—not just simply treating your symptoms. At The Breathe Clear Institute, we have an expert team to provide you with the best care possible. With Dr. Davis as our medical director, our staff will work together to tailor our treatment plan to the needs of each individual patient. Before we recommend a treatment plan we will have several conversations with the patient to pinpoint their exact problem. From our Physician Assistants, to our office managers, medical assistants, and patient support team, we are all here to assure that you have a positive experience in our office and also that your medical needs are met.


Make an appointment

When you come in for your appointment with us, rest assured that we are dedicated to finding the best treatment plan for your specific needs. Ear, nose, and throat problems can make you feel awful and unable to live the life that you want to live. We’re here to make sure that you’re getting the level of relief that you need. Contact The Breathe Clear Institute so we can plan a time to meet with you about your symptoms, determine some possible causes, and create a treatment plan specific to your needs. We’re proud to be helping people in the Redondo Beach area find the best treatment for their specific ear, nose, and throat condition every single day.