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Sleeping Problems and Treatments

Learn More About the Symptoms Causing Your Sleep Problems

Lack of sleep is practically at epidemic levels in the United States. A majority of us are not getting enough sleep, and this can have a bigger impact on our overall health than we once believed. Even more concerning is that you may be unaware you have a sleeping problem. After all, you’re asleep! So if you’re tired during the day, ask yourself if snoring and even breathing problems are interrupting restful sleep. Better yet, if you have someone you sleep with, ask them if they notice various sleeping problems, from chronic snoring to momentary cessation of breathing. Studies are now showing that sleep deprivation is linked to obesity, high blood pressure, poor concentration, and a lack of energy. Sleep apnea can not only keep up a bed partner at night due to snoring, but the health implications of the person with the sleep apnea are very serious. When sleep apnea is left untreated, the person who has it will stop breathing repeatedly during sleep causing the brain, and the rest of the body, to be lacking in oxygen. Sleep apnea patients are typically male, overweight, and over 40 years old.


How We Diagnose Your Sleep Problems

The initial diagnosis of your sleep disorder will begin with a thorough history, including any past sleep treatments, a run-down of your daily routine and how it might be affecting your sleep, past or current medications you are on, and more. You can even start before coming into the office by taking the Sleepiness Questionnaire on our website to see if you are at high risk for sleep apnea. Once at the office, we will perform a thorough examination which focuses on the airway. After all, snoring and sleep apnea are problems with airflow. Using a small scope about the width of a strand of spaghetti, we’ll check your upper airway for blockages such as swollen tonsils or adenoids, a general narrowing of the throat, or an obstructive tongue—all of which can trigger sleep apnea. We will then provide you with a simple device you use at home to measure snoring and test for sleep apnea.

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Treatment Options for Sleep Problems

There are several treatment options available to our patients to treat sleep disorders here at The Breathe Clear Institute. One of them is the Pillar Procedure, which stiffens the soft palate and can be performed in the office by Dr. Davis and using local anesthesia. Another treatment option we can offer to improve the nasal airway with an in-office treatment called turbinate reduction. We may also recommend a customized dental appliance that is worn at night to help prevent the tongue from obstructing the airway while you sleep. Another treatment strategy that is popular with many of our patients is nasal APAP which represents a significant advance over traditional CPAP. This technology delivers pressurized support to the upper airway that eliminates obstruction and snoring. Of course, surgical options are also a possibility, especially for those with large tonsils, an obstructive tongue, a narrow throat or nasal blockage.

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