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Turbinate Reduction

Turbinate Reduction is Used to Treat Chronic Nasal Congestion.

We all have structures in our nose called turbinates. Turbinates help us by warming and humidifying air but sometimes they become large and cause nasal blockage. Nasal sprays can often help shrink turbinates down; however, for those who want an alternative to continued nasal spray use, a minor procedure can help. Through this treatment option, called Turbinate Reduction, we can effectively reduce the size of the turbinates, helping to restore clear breathing.

Causes of enlarged or swollen turbinates:
Allergies, environmental toxins, irritants or pollutants. Some people are also born with large turbinates.

Symptoms of enlarged turbinates:
Difficulty breathing through nose, reduced sense of smell, difficulty sleeping, snoring.


Benefits of Turbinate Reduction

Turbinate reduction Improves airflow through the nose

Improves airflow through the nose

Turbinate reduction improves sense of smell

Improves sense of smell

Turbinate reduction reduces congestion

Reduces congestion

Turbinate reduction Helps you to breathe clearly

Helps you to breathe clearly

Turbinate reduction helps you to get better sleep

May help you get better sleep

What to Expect

Most adults opt to have their turbinates shrunk in the office, while children require about twenty minutes of sedation in the operating room. The procedure involves reducing the size of the turbinates with either a small wand or shaver placed gently by Dr. Davis in the nose. Recovery time is typically less than 24 hours and there is minimal discomfort.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*