Treatments Throat Removal of Lesions

Removal of Lesions

We can remove nodules, cysts, or other lesions from the throat or voice box.

Some lesions that form at the back of the throat or in the voice box are too big or in too delicate a location to be removed in the office. Growth of lesions in this region can interfere with swallowing, talking or even breathing.

Causes of Lesions:
Cysts, nodules, viruses (specifically human papillomavirus or HPV), trauma, ulcerations, inflammation, malignancies.

Symptoms of Lesions:
Sore throat, feeling that something is stuck in the throat, hoarseness, cough, difficulty swallowing, visible lesions or ulcerations at the back of the throat, bleeding, bad breath, shortness of breath, difficulty eating or drinking.


Benefits of Removing the Lesions

Alleviate Discomfort With Removal of Lesions

Alleviate discomfort

Removal of Lesions Stop Further Complications

Stop further complications

Speak Clearly After Removal of Lesions

Speak clearly

Removal of Lesions Allows Swallow Without Discomfort

Swallow without discomfort

Removal of Lesions Definitive Diagnosis

Definitive diagnosis

What to Expect

Dr. Davis removes the lesion under general anesthesia in a nearby operating room. For lesions affecting the larynx and for many lesions of the throat, Dr. Davis uses microsurgical instruments and an endoscope along with a video monitor for visualization during the surgery. He may use additional instrumentation such as the flexible CO2 laser. Patients typically go home the same day although in some cases an overnight stay in the hospital may be necessary. The initial recovery phase lasts about a week and may involve voice rest. We prescribe prescription medications to alleviate any discomfort and recommend a soft diet until any soreness resolves.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*