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Removal of Foreign Bodies

We will safely and accurately remove any foreign body that has been inserted inside the ear canal.

Getting something stuck inside the ear is a more common occurrence than you might think. Typical objects that become lodged in the ear canal of adults include Q-Tip heads and hearing aid components. Young children have a tendency to put things in their ears and so beads, toy parts, beans and other objects can get stuck. In rare cases, insects can become trapped in the ear of children or adults.

Causes of Foreign Bodies:
Putting things in your ears, insects crawling in your ears while you’re asleep.

Symptoms of Foreign Bodies:
Inflammation, irritation, a plugging sensation and pain are the major symptoms of foreign bodies in the ear. There might also be redness, swelling, or discharge.


Benefits of Removal of Foreign Bodies

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Relieves Pain

Relieves pain

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Simple Procedure

Simple procedure

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Alleviates Inflammation

Alleviates inflammation

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Prevents Infection

Prevents infection

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Immediate Relief

Immediate relief

What to Expect

This procedure is non-invasive and is most often performed in the comfort of our office. Dr. Davis uses the guidance of a microscope to carefully remove the object. Sometimes the foreign body is lodged deep in the ear of a child and cannot be removed in the office. In these cases, a few minutes of sedation in a nearby operating room are necessary for Dr. Davis to safely extract the object from the ear.

Relief is usually immediate.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*