Treatments Pillar Procedure

Pillar Procedure

With the Pillar Procedure, snoring can be alleviated in our office.

Snoring is the sound of the tissue near the top of the throat trembling due to partial airway obstruction. If you are a person who experiences chronic snoring, you may be a candidate for the Pillar Procedure.

Possible Causes of Snoring:
Large tonsils, nasal obstruction, large or obstructive tongue, tight anatomy at the back of the throat, sleeping on the back, use of sleeping pills, alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of Snoring:
Complaining bed partner.


Benefits of the Pillar Procedure

Pillar procedure takes approximately 20 minutes

Takes approximately 20 minutes

Pillar procedure done in otolaryngologists office

Done in our office

Pillar procedure relieves snoring

Relieves or improves snoring

Pillar procedure aides in better sleep

Improves sleep

Pillar Procedure leads to bed partner satisfaction

Leads to bed partner satisfaction

What to Expect

Dr. Davis performs this approximately 20 minute procedure in the office under local anesthesia. He places small stiffeners into the soft palate which is located at the back of the throat. You may drive yourself home. We provide you with prescription medication to alleviate any throat discomfort you may have during the following week.

While some patients have some relief sooner rather than later, the full benefit of the Pillar Procedure does not occur for roughly two months.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*