Treatments Throat Parotidectomy


A Parotidectomy can alleviate growths near the ear and jaw.

A Parotidectomy is a solution for a growth or other problems affecting the parotid gland, the largest of the saliva producing glands. The gland is located just in front of and below the ear.

Possible causes of parotid problems:
Benign or malignant masses or cysts, stones or strictures that block the flow of saliva from the gland, inflammation (called parotitis), some systemic diseases or illnesses.

Symptoms of parotid gland problems:
A mass or swelling just in front of and below the ear, which is where the gland is located. If the parotid gland becomes infected or inflamed, it may become tender and it can be difficult to open the mouth.

Growths on Parotid glands are benign about 80% of the time; however, even some benign parotid growths can become malignant and therefore it is recommended that they be removed.


Benefits of the Parotidectomy

Parotidectomy Removes cancerous growths from Parotid Gland

Removes cancerous growths from Parotid Gland

Parotidectomy Removes benign growths from Parotid Gland

Removes benign growths from Parotid Gland, avoiding risk of malignant transformation

Parotidectomy Alleviates swelling of the gland which is uncomfortable and unattractive

Alleviates swelling of the gland, which can be uncomfortable and aesthetically problematic

Parotidectomy Removes benign tumors eliminating risk of tumors becoming malignant

Well-hidden incision

Parotidectomy Short hospital Stay

Go home the day of surgery

What to Expect

Dr. Davis performs this outpatient surgery at a nearby operating room. During this approximately 90 minute procedure, he uses a cosmetically designed, facelift type incision to remove the lesion. The final diagnosis is available in about a week and will be discussed at the postoperative visit. Keep in mind that the vast majority of parotid lesions are benign and no further treatment is necessary. The initial phase of recovery lasts about one week and during this time it is important to keep activity light.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*