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Neck Mass Removal

A common procedure, Neck Mass Removal could be the solution you need.

If you’ve noticed a lump in your neck that isn’t going away, you need to get it evaluated. Your evaluation with us includes a thorough physical exam and in most cases imaging such as with an ultrasound or MRI. Some patients require a minimally invasive needle biopsy to determine whether the mass is concerning or not.

Symptoms of Neck Mass:
Growth or lump anywhere in the neck. The lump may or may not be tender. There may be problems swallowing.

Causes of Neck Mass:
Multiple causes including enlarged lymph nodes, cysts, lesions of any structure in the neck including the thyroid gland and major salivary glands. Lesions may be benign or malignant.


Benefits of Neck Mass Removal

Neck Mass Removal gives peace of mind in knowing prognosis

Peace of mind in knowing diagnosis

Neck Mass Removal is often curative with surgery

Surgery is often curative

Neck Mass Removal is minimally invasive

Minimally invasive techniques utilized whenever possible

Neck Mass Removal provides aesthetically pleasing results

Aesthetically pleasing results

Neck Mass Removal increases confidence

Increased confidence

What to Expect

Depending on the location and size of the mass, Dr. Davis will remove it either in the office or in a nearby operating room. The complexity of the procedure depends upon features such as the lump’s depth and on which delicate structures are adjacent to it. Dr. Davis sends every mass removed to the lab for a comprehensive evaluation. The final diagnosis determines whether or not further treatment is necessary. Recovery time depends on the type of surgery required; however, the first phase of healing lasts about a week and during this time it is important to keep activity light. During the first month there is additional healing that takes place. Whenever possible, Dr. Davis uses glue to close the skin so it is ok to shower the day of the procedure. Medication is prescribed to control any post-procedure discomfort.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*