Treatments Ear Eustachian Tube Problems

Eustachian Tube Problems

Ear plugging can happen to the best of us. Let us care for your Eustachian Tube.

Your eustachian tube is partially responsible for your overall comfort by balancing the pressure in the inner ear and by draining mucus from the middle ear. Your eustachian tube is one of the parts of the ear most-commonly affected by ear infections. Kids are most commonly affected by eustachian tube dysfunction but many adults are affected as well. Sometimes the failure of the eustachian tube to do its job correctly can lead to an infection of the middle ear which is the part of the ear just behind the eardrum.

Common causes of eustachian tube dysfunction:
Descending in an airplane, diving, severe hay fever, the common cold.

Symptoms of Eustachian Tube Issues:
Pain or pressure in your ear that may be accompanied by dizziness, headache, fever, and nausea. Children under seven are particularly vulnerable to ear infections because their eustachian tubes are not fully developed.


Benefits of Treating Eustachian Tube Issues

Eustachian tube Helps You to Feel Better Overall

Helps you feel better overall

Eustachian tube Alleviation of Cold- or Flu-Like Symptoms

Alleviation of cold or flu-like symptoms

Eustachian tube gives Ear Pain Relief

Ear pain relief

Eustachian tube Reduces Dizziness

Can reduce dizziness

Eustachian tube Perfect for Children who Experience Frequent Ear Infections

Can help children who experience frequent ear infections

What to Expect

Eustachian tube issues are very common ENT issues. We offer a variety of treatments that will relieve you of your symptoms.

To treat your eustachian tube issues we offer medicines as a first step in most patients. In some cases, minor procedures are necessary to drain fluid from the ear. Often, a tiny plastic tube is placed in the ear drum which takes over the job of the eustachian tube until it has a chance to heal. A newer technique to address a chronically dysfunctional eustachian tube is to dilate it with a small balloon called the Aera. Procedural treatments for eustachian tube dysfunction tend to provide immediate relief while medications may take a while to have an effect.

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