Treatments Ear Ear Tube Removal

Ear Tube Removal

If you or your child’s ear tubes do not fall out on their own, we have a procedure to remove them.

Ear tubes are small hollow plastic cylinders commonly placed in the ears of children to treat recurrent ear infections or to drain fluid trapped behind the eardrum that doesn’t clear up on its own. While the tubes are designed to fall out on their own in 6 to 18 months, a small percentage of the time they don’t come out when they are supposed to and need to be removed.

Causes of needing Ear Tube Removal:
Ear tubes that have been in too long.

Symptoms of needing Ear Tube Removal:
Sometimes the persistent tube is associated with ear drainage or hearing loss but patients are often asymptomatic.


Benefits of Ear Tube Removal

Reduced Risk Of Infection With Ear Tube Removal

Reduced risk of infection

Minimally Invasive Procedure Ear Tube Removal

Minimally invasive procedure

Ear Tube Removal Can Reduce Future Complication

Reduce future complications

Little To No Down Time Ear Tube Removal

Little to no down time

Ear Tube Removal Easy Recovery

Easy recovery

What to Expect

Dr. Davis removes the tube under the microscope using a delicate instrument. He performs the procedure in the office for most adults but kids require twenty minutes or so of general anesthesia in a nearby operating room. Once the tube is removed, Dr. Davis repairs the eardrum using a tiny piece of fat removed from the back of the ear lobe. Discomfort following the procedure is minimal. The ear must be kept dry for four weeks and during this time the nose cannot be blown or the repair will be undone by the pressure transmitted from the nose to the ear.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*