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Allergy Shots

Allergy Shots are the way to go to prevent allergies.

People who have allergies know exactly how miserable having them can be. Whether the allergies are seasonal or year long, food-based, or animal dander-based, they have the potential to impede your day-to-day life. If you experience sneezing with a runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes, particularly in spring and summer, you may have seasonal allergies. If you notice similar symptoms after interacting with an animal, you may have an allergy to that animal. If you notice that after eating some foods, you itch anywhere on your body, see small bumps anywhere on your body, or feel your throat tighten, you may have a food allergy. Allergies can be developed, but there is often an inherited component as well.

Anyone, at any age, can have or develop allergies.


Benefits of Allergy Shots

Allergy shots slowly increases resistance to allergens

Slowly increases resistance to allergens

Allergy shot done in otolaryngologists office

Performed in our office

Allergy shots reduce allergy symptoms

Reduces allergy symptoms

Allergy shots aides in alleviating asthma triggered by allergens

Aides in alleviating asthma triggered by allergens

Improved quality of life

What to Expect

Allergy treatments are among our most common treatments. Prior to starting allergy shots we perform skin testing to get detailed information about what makes you allergic. We then begin treatment.

Allergy shots are performed in the office while we slowly increase your dose. This typically takes six months. After this “escalation period,” most patients can administer their own shots at home on a weekly basis. Over time your immune system will strengthen and your allergy symptoms will subside.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*