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Allergy Drops

If you have allergies and want to avoid shots, allergy drops can help.

If you have allergies, you know what it means to be miserable. The nasal congestion, redness, itchiness, watering of your eyes, and the itchiness of your skin might make you hate being outdoors, or around pets and other animals.

Allergies can occur in anyone, at any age and at any time, even in people who have no history of allergies. Allergies are triggered when your body comes in contact with an allergen and has an overreaction. Allergy Drops are a daily treatment administered at home that can help you with your allergies and they are available at The Breathe Clear Institute.


Benefits of Allergy Drops

Allergy drops slowly increases resistance to allergens

Slowly increases resistance to allergens

Allergy drops done wherever you are

Administered under the tongue, wherever you are

Allergy drops no needles involved

No needles involved

Allergy drops reduces allergy symptoms

Reduces allergy symptoms

Allergy drops perfect for children who experience frequent ear infections

Ideal for children

What to Expect

Prior to starting allergy drops—also called sublingual immunotherapy—we perform skin testing to get detailed information about what makes you allergic. We then customize your drops and begin treatment. The first dose is administered in our office but after that, you place the drops under your tongue wherever you are each day.

Allergy Drops work over time to reduce your immune system’s overreaction to allergens by desensitizing your system. The result is that over time you will feel better and minimize or eliminate your need to use allergy medications.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*