Treatments Nose Adenoid Biopsy (Adults)

Adenoid Biopsy (Adults)

After the minimally-invasive biopsy we will determine if you will need further treatment.

The adenoids are located at the back of the nose and are part of the immune system. They usually disappear after childhood so if adults have significant adenoid tissue it needs to be biopsied to make sure there is nothing concerning going on.

Common Causes of enlarged adenoids:
Infection, rarely tumors

Common Symptoms of Enlarged Adenoids:
Nasal congestion, sometimes hearing loss since enlarged adenoids can block the eustachian tube which normally prevents fluid from building up behind the eardrum.


Benefits of Adenoid Biopsy

Adenoid Biopsy Minimally Invasive And Fast

Minimally invasive and fast

Adenoid Biopsy Does Not Require General Anesthesia

Does not require general anesthesia

Adenoid Biopsy Performed In The Office

Performed in the office

Adenoid Biopsy Minimal Risk Of Complication

Minimal risk of complication

Adenoid Biopsy Determine If Further Treatment Is Needed

Determine if further treatment is needed

What to Expect

Dr. Davis performs this procedure in the office. Under local anesthesia, he gently places a small endoscope into the nostril and then uses a tiny instrument to remove a sample of tissue from the adenoids, which are located at the back of the nose. The tissue is sent to the lab and evaluated. Results are reviewed at a follow up appointment in about a week. There is no down time following the procedure but patients should take it easy for 48 hours.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*