Signs That a Sore Throat is Something More

When to Pay Attention to Your Sore Throat


It happens to all of us: the dreaded morning when we wake up with a scratchy throat. We curse our luck and panic over whether or not we might getting sick. Whether it’s us or our child with the issue, it’s not always clear if the sore throat is just that – something that will clear up in a day or two – or something more ominous. We have the signs that will help you determine if it’s time to take it easy and wait for it to pass, or if you ought to give your doctor a call.  

Sign 1: A Persistent Fever

You know you’re likely contagious when you have a fever along with your sore throat. If you take some fever reducing medication, the fever might ebb for a while, but if it comes back when the medication wears off and persists, your sore throat might be something more that you should have checked out.

Sign 2: White Patches

Look into your mouth with a mirror, or your child’s mouth with a flashlight. If you see white patches on the tonsils or around the back of the throat, it might be strep throat. Give your doctor a call for an official diagnosis.

Sign 3: Difficulty Swallowing

It’s usually painful to swallow when your throat is sore, but if it’s so sore that you have trouble swallowing, or if you are having issues with breathing around the swelling, you need to see a doctor right away.

Sign 4: Nausea

If you have gotten sick or feel like you might be ill, your sore throat might have more to it than a simple soreness that is causing you pain.

Sign 5: Rash

If you break out in a rash, some might even say an extreme rash, it’s time to get a diagnosis from your doctor.  

Sign 6: Swollen Tonsils

If you have a lot of sore throats, you might know what your tonsils normally look like and when they are red and swollen. You could have tonsillitis, and if your tonsils have been affected by tonsilitis before, it might be time to get them removed.  

Sign 7: Headaches

A sore throat might mean a case of the common cold, which often includes congestion, runny nose, and body aches. But if you have a strong headache and a sore throat without the other symptoms of a cold, it may be another sign of strep throat. Get to your doctor to get to the bottom of the issue.

Taking A Closer Look At Your Sore Throat

There’s no way to self-diagnose accurately every time you have a sore throat. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, or just want to be certain your sore throat will pass, there’s nothing wrong with visiting an ENT doctor. If nothing else, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re on the right track by drinking a lot and resting as much as you can. If you suspect your sore throat is something more, you’ll be glad you decided to be proactive in seeking treatment. The professionals at Breathe Clear Institute can help you diagnose and treat your symptoms so you can recover quickly.

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