Finding Ideal Ear Treatments for Your Condition

Relieve Your Symptoms With Innovative Ear Treatments 

With a variety of different ear conditions that can cause discomfort, it’s important to seek professional help and receive treatment when necessary. Some treatments may involve surgery, including a myringotomy, eardrum repair, balloon dilation of the eustachian tube, surfer’s ear repair, ear tube removal, Sophono® Hearing System, and eustachian tube issues. 

Myringotomy With Tube Replacement 

Myringotomy, with or without a tube replacement, occurs when there is an infection or fluid within the middle ear. When there is fluid buildup, it can also indicate an issue with the eustachian tube. Some of the symptoms of fluid in the ear include ear pressure, ear pain, and a decrease in hearing. Speech delay could also be seen in children if they are experiencing hearing loss. The myringotomy procedure relieves ear pressure by making a small incision in the eardrum. In some instances, a small tube is placed to hold the incision open, letting the ear drain and allowing both the ear and eustachian tube to heal.

Eardrum Repair 

A hole or tear in the eardrum is typically caused by repeated ear infections, surgery, or trauma. The symptoms include hearing loss, ear drainage, ringing in ears, and vertigo. To repair the eardrum, an ENT specialist will use a small piece of fat from the back of the ear lobe. 

Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tube

The eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose, helping regulate ear pressure. Dysfunction of the eustachian tube is often caused by inflammation, hay fever, and malformation. Symptoms include ear pressure, pain, a popping sensation, difficulty hearing, and a feeling of the ears being clogged. During the in-office procedure, an Aera Balloon will be inserted through the nostril, to the back of the nose and into the eustachian tube. The eustachian tube will become dilated when the balloon is inflated, followed by the balloon deflating and being removed. 

Surfer’s Ear Repair

Surfer’s ear is caused by frequent exposure to cold water and wind. The ear canal gets narrowed because of bone growths. Symptoms include hearing loss as well as painful ear infections. The growths are removed to alleviate the discomfort. 

Ear Tube Removal

Other procedures may involve placing ear tubes into the ear. While they are supposed to fall out on their own in 6 to 18 months, some do not. This requires the removal of the tube, which is performed under a microscope using a special instrument. When the tube is removed, the eardrum is repaired using a small piece of fat removed from the back of the ear lobe. Patients must keep their ears dry for 4 weeks and are instructed to not blow their nose. 

Sophono® Hearing System

Hearing loss can occur in patients of all ages. Common causes include noise exposure, genetics, chronic infections, trauma, and congenital problems. The Sophono® Hearing System is a magnetic bone conduction hearing device. It uses bone conduction to move sound. Microphones from a sound processor picks up sounds and turns them into vibrations. The vibrations are transmitted to the skull bone and are then processed by the nerves of the body’s hearing system. The hearing system is implanted through a small incision behind the ear during a procedure that takes just under an hour. 

Eustachian Tube Problems 

The eustachian tube helps balance the pressure in the inner ear and drains mucus from the middle ear. Unfortunately, it is most commonly affected by ear infections, especially in younger children. Symptoms include pain or pressure in the ear, as well as dizziness, fever, headache, and nausea. There are a couple of different treatments to relieve these symptoms including medication and minor procedures like Aera Balloon Dilation. 

Find the Most Effective Ear Treatment Option for You

If you are experiencing discomfort in your ears, make an appointment today. Whether you need a minor procedure or something a little more invasive, the specialists at Breathe Clear Institute are here to give you the relief you are looking for with the most ideal and effective treatment.

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