Why Sinuses Are Worse In The Winter

Do People Experience Sinus Issues In The Winter?

Though sinus infections are most commonly believed to be something many experience in seasons like spring, it still affects people during colder seasons like winter. Some argue it is even worse during the winter. 

What Is The Cause For Sinusitis In The Winter?

Unlike sinus infections during spring, pollen is not the issue. However your environment is still the cause for infection. 

The main causes in your environment include: 

  • Dry Air 
  • Indoor Heating
  • Dust
  • Humidity 
  • Animal dander
  • Viruses

The Best Ways To Protect Yourself

The more you avoid these environmental causes, the better your chances are of not suffering through infections during the winter. To protect yourself against dry air, one easy suggestion is to consider investing in a humidifier for your bedroom. This will always keep your nasal passages moist to avoid congestion. It’s important that you also keep nasal sprays on-hand to relieve other symptoms. 

These Important Changes In Your Home Can Help

Since many causes are home-related (dust, animal pander, and indoor heating) there are easy changes you can make in your home to lower your risk of a sinus infection. Consider washing all winter blankets before using. Keep an eye on your pets to make sure they’re not leaving animal dander on your bed and other furniture, and vacuum regularly! And since indoor heating can worsen sinus symptoms during winter, break out an air filter. With these necessary changes, you’ll experience sinus relief.

For more tips on preventing sinus infections, schedule an appointment with Breathe Clear Institute

Breathe Clear Institute is here to help you get your sinus problems under control. With the tips provided above and help from our team, you’ll be able to finally get through winter without risk of infection. Schedule an appointment with our Sinus Doctors to get started.