Repair of Surfer’s Ear

Using a chisel instead of drill to alleviate symptoms.

Surfer’s ear (also known as exostoses) is a condition where the ear canal is narrowed by small bony growths caused by exposure to cold water. The condition can also cause water to be trapped in the ear, which can lead to muffled hearing, infection, and pain. If left untreated, surfer’s ear can cause the ear canal to be completely closed off.

Causes of Surfer’s Ear:
This condition is caused by consistent exposure to cold water and wind, which then stimulates bone growth and narrows the ear canal, blocking the eardrum.

Symptoms of Surfer’s Ear:
The most common symptoms include painful ear infections and hearing loss.


Benefits of Treating Surfer’s Ear

Repair Of Surfers Ear Provides Minimally InvasiveTechnique

Minimally invasive technique

Repair of Surfers Ear Reduced Occurence Of Ear Infections

Reduced occurrence of ear infections

Repair Of Surfers Ear Improved Hearing

Improved hearing

Repair Of Surfers Ear Improved Faster Healing Time

Faster healing time

Repair Surfer's Ear To Reduce Risk Of Infection From Trapped Water

Reduced risk of infection from trapped water

What to Expect

Dr. Davis removes the bumps or exostoses that cause surfer’s ear in a nearby operating room. The procedure typically takes about 90 minutes and patients go home the same day. Dr. Davis uses the endoscope, which allows him to have a close up view of the ear canal so that for the vast majority of patients he does not use a burr or make an incision behind the ear. The result is that postoperative recovery time and discomfort are both minimized. Medications are prescribed in case of soreness and patients can usually get back in the water in four weeks.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*