Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies

We will safely and accurately remove any foreign body that is stuck inside the nasal canal.

In most cases, patients who see us with objects stuck in their nostrils are children.

Causes of Nasal Foreign Bodies:
The most common cause of foreign bodies being placed in the nose is voluntary—in other words, a young child was curious about putting a bead or rock in their nose, and it got stuck. Trauma is another possible cause, so it’s important to check the nose after a person falls or is struck in the face.

Symptoms of Nasal Foreign Bodies:
Difficulty breathing on one side of the nose, nasal bleeding, postnasal drip, sinus or nasal pain and pressure. A foul odor may be noticed by the parents.


Benefits of Removal of Foreign Bodies

Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies Relieves Pain

Relieves pain

Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies Simple Procedure

Simple procedure

Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies Prevents Infection

Prevents infection

Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies Has Immediate Relief

Immediate relief

Removal of Nasal Foreign Bodies Allows Comfortable Breathing

Comfortable breathing

What to Expect

Whenever possible, Dr. Davis removes the object in the office. In some younger children, a few minutes of sedation are required at a nearby operating room. Dr. Davis gently removes the object, sometimes with the assistance of a small endoscope. There is no downtime once the procedure is complete.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*