Treatments Nose Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement

When inserted through the nostril into the nasal wall, Latera helps relieve nasal obstruction and improve airflow.

Some people have nasal blockage due to a weakness of the nasal wall. When this weakness is present, the process of breathing in through the nose can cause a tightening of the nasal passage and blocked breathing. Latera, a small, self-dissolving implant can correct the problem. It has been shown to help our patients breathe better by reducing nasal airway obstruction and symptoms.

Common causes of nasal wall weakness:
Trauma, prior nasal surgery, or being born with it.

Symptoms of nasal wall weakness:
Nasal blockage and difficulty breathing through the nose at night or during exercise.


Benefits of the Latera Self-Dissolving Implant

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement Reduced Nasal Congestion

Reduced nasal congestion

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement Causes Less Trouble Breathing Through The Nose

Less trouble breathing through the nose

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement Helps Breathe Easier During Excercise

Breathe easier during exercise

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement Less Trouble Sleeping

Less trouble sleeping

Latera Self-Dissolving Implant Placement Dissolves Naturally

Dissolves naturally

What to Expect

Dr. Davis places the Latera implant just inside the nostril into the wall of the nose. Once the area is numbed with anesthesia, the procedure only takes a few minutes and can be performed in our office. There is no packing and patients go home the same day. Dr. Davis places small strips of tape on the skin of the nose and this is removed at a follow up visit in about a week. There is no downtime following the procedure and any discomfort is controlled by prescription medications. Latera may be minimally visible for the first couple of weeks but as healing takes place it is no longer visible.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*