Treatments Throat Endoscopic Biopsy of throat lesions

Endoscopic Biopsy of throat lesions

We can biopsy certain lesions on the larynx or the base of the tongue without surgery using an endoscope.

If a lesion on the larynx or the base of the tongue seems irregular, Dr. Davis will recommend a biopsy of the lesion so he can determine if further treatment is necessary.

Common causes of Throat Lesions:
Cysts, nodules, viruses (specifically human papillomavirus or HPV), trauma, ulcerations, inflammation, malignancies.

Symptoms of Throat Lesions:
Sore throat, feeling that something is stuck in the throat, hoarseness, cough, difficulty swallowing, visible lesions or ulcerations at the back of the throat, bleeding, bad breath, shortness of breath, difficulty eating or drinking.


Benefits of Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesion

Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesions Non Surgical


Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesions Minimally Invasive

Minimally invasive

Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesions Short Procedure

Short procedure

Determine If Further Treatment Is Necessary With Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesions

Determine if further treatment is necessary

Endoscopic Biopsy of Lesions Minimal Recovery

Minimal recovery

What to Expect

Dr. Davis places a small, flexible endoscope about the width of a strand of spaghetti into the nose and toward the throat. He then uses a tiny instrument passed through a channel adjacent to the scope to perform the biopsy. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is performed in the office under local anesthesia. There may be some mild soreness for a day or two and any discomfort is controlled with medications we prescribe for you. The biopsy results come back from the lab in about a week and we discuss them with you at a follow up visit.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*