Treatments Nose Biopsy or Removal of Nasal Lesions

Biopsy or Removal of Nasal Lesions

After the biopsy we will determine if you will need a follow-up procedure.

As with other parts of the body, the nose can develop polyps and other lesions growing within it. We biopsy or remove a small piece of the lesion from the tissue from the lining of the nose so that we can run tests and Dr. Davis can recommend further treatment if necessary.

Common Nasal Lesions:
Polyps, benign tumors called papilloma. Malignant tumors are very rare.

Common Symptoms of Nasal Lesions:
Nasal congestion, blockage on one side of the nose, bleeding and postnasal drainage into the back of the throat.


Benefits of Removing the Lesion

Biopsy or Removal of Lesions Diagnosis.png


Biopsy or Removal of Lesions Has Aesthetically Pleasing Results

Aesthetically pleasing result

Biopsy or Removal of Lesions Stops Further Complications

Stop further complications

Biopsy or Removal of Lesions Reduce Risk Of Infection

Reduce risk of infection

Biopsy or Removal of Lesions Helps Breathe Clearly Through The Nose

Breathe clearly through the nose

What to Expect

Dr. Davis performs this procedure in the office. Under local anesthesia, he gently places a small endoscope into the nostril and then uses a tiny instrument to remove a sample of tissue or in some cases the entire lesion. The tissue is sent to the lab and evaluated. Results are reviewed at a follow up appointment in about a week. There is no down time following the procedure but patients should take it easy for 48 hours.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*