Understanding Sublingual Immunotherapy

Working With Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual Immunotherapy works like allergy shots in order to gradually help the body build a tolerance to allergens that cause symptoms. Rather than getting shots, however, you place the drops under your tongue in a liquid form. There are things you will want to understand about the option before moving forward to treat your own allergies.

Why Drops?

When you place the liquid antigen under your tongue, you are doing yourself a service, in a way. The area under the tongue has the highest concentration of allergen and antigen cells in the body. The dendritic cell is basically a messenger that delivers the antigens in the drops to the rest of your cells and allows you to begin to tolerate your allergies better. By giving yourself these drops daily and consistently, you start to build up a tolerance to things that cause you to have annoying symptoms.

How Often Are Drops Needed?

People will generally take the drops three times a year for anywhere from three to give years, depending on the seasonality and severity of their particular allergies. The tolerance builds up depending on how well you follow through with the treatments. Some patients start to feel better in a few months while it takes longer for others. Either way, continuing the treatment until the end of the recommended time frame helps you to remain free of symptoms once the treatment is complete. It’s much like taking an antibiotic. You might feel better in a few days, but you have to take the medication for the full doctor-recommended ten days to completely rid yourself of the virus.

Should You Try Allergy Drops?

If you hate getting shots, allergy drops like Sublingual Immunotherapy might be a good answer for you. You have to be on the drops for a number of years, but once you develop a routine, t doesn’t have to be hard. You can judge how well the drops are working after 3-6 months and while shots are more potent and work faster, drops have a long-lasting effect, if used correctly. They are self-administered and don’t require regular visits to the doctor during the process.

Leave The Misery Of Allergies Behind

No one likes dealing with allergies on a regular basis and the symptoms they bring with them every time you encounter an allergen. It’s a good idea to look into the solutions that research and technology have brought forward in order to see what you can do about your situation. Talk to your doctor about the differences between shots and Sublingual Immunotherapy and see which is a good answer for you.

Getting Sublingual Immunotherapy

If you’ve tried allergy shots before and you’re ready to move on to another possible solution, Sublingual Immunotherapy might be the answer you have been looking to find. Contact Breathe Clear Institute and set up a consultation to ask your questions about allergy drops. If you think you can stick with the regimen, it’s a good solution for many allergy sufferers to find long-lasting relief.