Dizziness Isn’t A Simple Ailment

Diagnosing And Treating Dizziness

If you’ve ever spun around in circles only to feel dizziness once you stop, you know what it feels like. The world is spinning around you and you might not feel like you can walk straight. Imagine feeling that way without spinning and for seemingly no reason at all. There are plenty of people who live with vertigo on a regular basis. Some of them just wait for the symptoms to pass and go on with their life, but for others, it impedes everyday life situations. You can’t drive when you’re dizzy, right? And you may not be able to perform other functions as well. The problem is that diagnosing dizziness isn’t simple. There are a number of things that can cause vertigo and that means there are various ways to treat it as well.

Dizziness Could Come From Medications

Have you ever read through the list of possible side effects on the medications you take? Dizziness is almost always on the list, but it is more common with some medicines than others. Check your bottles to see if dizziness is something that can occur from something you take. If you do feel dizzy, your meds could be the root cause of the issue.

Dizziness Could Result From Brain Conditions

If you have any issues revolving around your brain, you could feel dizzy as well. If you’re having a stroke or have had one in the past, if you have a tumor, get frequent headaches or migraines, or experience fainting, dizziness could be another issue you deal with. Anything that touches the brain is serious and needs medical attention right away.

Dizziness Could Come From Blood Pressure Issues

If you’ve had a heart attack or have other heart issues, like arrhythmias, vertigo is also a possibility. Low or high blood pressure issues can also cause dizziness on occasion when the pressure gets way too low or way too high.

Dizziness Could Result From Metabolic Disorders

If you have low blood oxygen or low blood sugar, you could have issues with vertigo as well. Or, if you are simply dehydrated you can feel dizzy from the lack of water in your system.

Dizziness Could Come From Inner Ear Issues

A lot of people who get vertigo on a regular basis have an inner ear problem. There are many different ways to treat those issues, but your ENT doctor may recommend trying the Epley Maneuver before anything else. This series of small movements can alleviate your symptoms right away, or it could take a few tries to get the dizziness to go away. Have your ENT doctor show you the simple, easy motions that you can do out of the comfort of your own home. You might want to have them watch you practice to ensure you do it correctly the first time.

Contact Professionals For Help

Being dizzy for what feels like no reason at all is not a way to live, especially if it’s happening more and more. Contact Breathe Clear Institute with your questions and for help to get to the bottom of your vertigo issues.