Tips for Caring For Someone With Vertigo

Being An Effective Vertigo Caregiver

If someone you know and love suffers from vertigo, you can understand how miserable it is. Just imagine how you feel when you spin in circles for a long time and then get dizzy. Those who suffer from vertigo can have episodes that occur suddenly. They might be dizzy, have nausea, get headaches, or just feel an overall sense of fatigue. It can affect their quality of life and their ability to do daily tasks, amongst other things.

While vertigo can be difficult to live with, there are several recommended tips you can use to provide some relief to a loved one. Use these tips to help care for someone struggling with vertigo issues.

Tip 1: Lend A Hand

The first tip is to lend a hand when it is appropriate to do so. If vertigo prevents your loved one from completing certain tasks, step in and finish them for them. They might need some help cleaning or they might need you to do the dishes after a meal. They might even need you to cook, depending on when the dizzy spells occur. Stay close by when it starts and let them know you are there for whatever they need. While they rest, you can take care of what needs to get done. Help them get somewhere stable so they are in a safe place while you work on the other tasks.

Tip 2: Keep Medication Close

Vertigo can come on without a moment’s notice, so it is important to have pertinent medication nearby at all times. If you are out and about running errands with your loved one, make sure the medication is with you so that you can help them cope with the symptoms right away. They shouldn’t’ have to wait until you get home to take medication. It is best to have immediate relief from the worst of the symptoms.

Tip 3: Stay Up To Date With Health Providers

Visit the doctor with your loved one and ensure the medical condition causing the vertigo is well attended. See the doctor regularly and address the vertigo as a concern with them. You are likely to receive helpful tips, medication updates, and other important information that will broaden your ability to help your loved one.

Tip 4: Be Available

The biggest thing you can do for your loved one is to simply be available to help with their needs, whatever those might be. They have no control over their symptoms and when they might start, so you need to be available when they need assistance. Being present will ultimately go a long way.

Treat The Vertigo The Right Way

If you need help with treating vertigo, visit with the trusted experts at Breathe Clear Institute. We’re here to get to the bottom of the issue and assist loved ones who may be struggling with this condition. Give us a call today and let’s set up a consultation to go over the details with you.