How to Finally Stop Your Leaky Nose

How to Finally Stop Your Leaky Nose

If your nose is like a faucet that just won’t turn off, you’re a victim of the dreaded runny nose. That drip, drip, drip is probably driving you wild. You may even have skin irritation right at the base of your nostrils. If you can’t leave your house without a box of tissues, It’s probably time to do something about it. Read on to discover how to finally stop that leaky nose (hopefully for good!).

Figure Out Why Your Nose is Running in the First Place

The first step to stopping your runny nose is to identify what is causing it:


Viruses like the cold and flu release inflammation-causing chemicals called cytokines. This commonly results in a drippy nose with clear drainage. Thankfully, this will usually go away with time. However, there are plenty of OTC medications to help you get through it.


When your immune system mistakes a foreign material as dangerous, it will trigger the release of histamine. This chemical response can cause a host of respiratory and skin reactions, including a runny nose with clear mucus. Symptoms can be temporary or ongoing.

Sinus Infection

When colds or allergies get out of hand, a sinus infection can brew. As bacteria infect your sinuses, you will produce a thicker, yellow or green discharge from the nose. Though many sinus infections heal themselves, steroids and antibiotics can help in severe cases.

Spices and Onions

If you cook often or eat a lot of spicy food, you may find yourself wiping your nose constantly. Ingesting spicy food and cooking with onions and spices can trigger nerve stimulation in the sinuses. When these nerves are stimulated by fumes and foreign particles, mucous production can increase.

Nasal Polyps

Soft, yellow growths in the sinuses called polyps can lead to a chronic runny nose. This is because they are made up of inflammatory cells which trigger mucus production as well as facial pressure and loss of smell. Treatment includes steroids or full removal.

Vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis is a chronic condition involving overactive nerve endings in the nose. This ailment is tricky to diagnose since it resembles allergies. 

Once you diagnose the cause of your leaky nose, you can try one of the following remedies to fix it.

Eliminate Triggers

If allergies are to blame, you’ll need to identify your triggers. Schedule an appointment with an allergist and have an allergy test done. It could be pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander, or feathers. Removing the allergen from your life or using air filters can help. If spices and fumes from onions and peppers provoke your drippy nose, you may need to stay away from those foods. Chemical fragrances and cold, dry air are also common nasal irritants and should be avoided.

Take an Antihistamine

Regular use of an antihistamine can significantly reduce or eliminate your leaky nose. By blocking histamine releases, allergy symptoms can be managed. It could take a while to find an oral or intranasal antihistamine that works for you. And depending on the allergy trigger, you may have to take it seasonally or all year long.

Use a Corticosteroid Nasal Spray

Intranasal corticosteroids like fluticasone reduce inflammation in the sinus cavity. When inflammation is down, the sinus dripping will subside. Nasal corticosteroids are very effective at treating sinus issues, especially with allergy sufferers. They can be used long-term with few side effects.

Irrigate, Irrigate, Irrigate

Sometimes the best thing to do is flush out your sinus cavities with saline sprays, neti pots, or nasal irrigation machines. Each method forces salinated water through your nasal passages to clear them out. The saline will typically go in through one nostril and then out the other, pushing out mucus, allergens, viruses, or bacteria. You’ll need to irrigate your sinuses at least twice a day to keep your leaky nose under control.

Try a Nerve-Blocking Nasal Spray

If you have a chronic drippy nose from vasomotor rhinitis, you can try prescription ipratropium bromide. This nasal spray blocks the overactive nerves that cause that incessant nose drip. This medication can also be used if spicy foods are a trigger for you. Although it is useful, the effects only last about 4 hours.

Opt for Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, such as ClariFix, is another great option for vasomotor rhinitis and other chronic runny nose conditions. Using sub-freezing temperatures, a nose doctor will essentially stun those overactive nerves to return your nose to normal mucous production. Patients typically see a 60-70% reduction in sinus drip after treatment is complete. Results can last years.

Breathe Clear Institute Can Finally Stop Your Leaky Nose

If there seems to be no end in sight for your runny nose, schedule an appointment with our ENT clinic in Torrance. Breathe Clear Institute offers a variety of treatments to correct your chronic leaky nose. Services include non-invasive procedures like cryotherapy and nasal polyp removal to invasive nose surgeries. Our ENT doctors use a holistic approach to medicine so you can expect to be treated as an individual. Schedule your appointment today and finally put an end to that neverending nose drip!

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