Common Causes of Nasal Fractures

Nasal Fractures: Why Do They Happen? 

A nasal fracture, also known as a broken nose, occurs when an individual’s cartilage or nasal bone becomes damaged, usually in the form of breaks or cracks. Learn about the various causes, symptoms, and treatments of nasal fractures with the knowledgeable team at Breathe Clear Institute. 


A nose can become fractured for many different reasons. Common causes include auto accidents, contact sports, falling, and physical altercations. In the event of a car accident, the airbag or steering wheel can strike the face, resulting in a fracture. Sports like football, basketball, soccer, boxing, and more often are the consequence of this type of injury. Weather conditions and uneven surfaces may be the culprit. Finally, physical arguments can lead to a broken or cracked nasal bone. 


Symptoms of a nasal fracture may include blood coming from the nose, pain, swelling, difficulty breathing, bruising, and a crooked nose. 


Treatment options for a nasal fracture will vary depending on its severity. Minor fractures can sometimes be treated at home with recommendations by a doctor. In other instances, a patient’s nose may need to be realigned, which may be done in office. More serious fractures will likely require surgery. It is important to seek out medical attention after suffering from a broken nose in a timely manner so that a doctor can complete a thorough evaluation and offer the most ideal treatment option. 

Receive Treatment For Your Nasal Fracture at Breathe Clear Institute 

At Breathe Clear Institute, we specialize in the management and treatment of conditions affecting the nose. If you have broken your nose recently, our doctor may be able to reset and repair your nose without having to perform a surgical procedure. Symptoms we typically see include cosmetic changes to the nose, tenderness, black eyes, difficulty breathing, and nosebleeds. Dr. Davis performs this procedure, which just takes a few minutes, under local anesthesia in the office. He uses delicate instruments to gently move the nose back into its original position. 

If it is past the 10-day mark of receiving the injury, the bones will most likely have to be re-broken, thus requiring surgery. Dr. Hurvitz, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in rhinoplasty and can perform this procedure in a nearby operating room. The severity of the fracture will determine how long the procedure will last. Following the surgery, Dr. Hurvitz will place a small cast on the nose, which will later be removed during a scheduled postoperative visit. Patients who undergo this surgery typically experience improved breathing, improved appearance of the nose, and increased confidence. 

When you need relief, look no further than Breathe Clear Institute. Our team of experts will ensure you receive the best care possible and are able to go back to living a healthy lifestyle. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us by phone or fill out our contact form which is available on our website.

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