Can Plastic Surgery Fix Your Nose Issues?

Can Plastic Surgery Fix Your Nose Issues?

When you hear the words “nose job” you probably think of cosmetic surgery. It is true that nose surgery, known as rhinoplasty, can give you the sculpted nose you’ve always dreamed of. But that isn’t the only purpose of nasal plastic surgery. These procedures can also improve breathing, fix structural deformities, and correct injuries. Even though medical insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic nose surgery, it will if there is a medical necessity. If you have one of the following conditions, you could be a good candidate for medical nose surgery.

Deviated Septum

One of the most common medical reasons for nose surgery is a deviated septum. Close to 80 percent of people have some degree of septal deviation. Injury or atypical growth can cause the center wall of the nose to warp or bend. In many people, the deformity is minor and doesn’t cause any discomfort. But for more severe cases, the deviated septum can obstruct breathing in one or both nostrils, leading to chronic sinus infections, nosebleeds, facial pain, and congestion. Thankfully, this can be corrected with a special procedure called septoplasty. Some people even choose to combine cosmetic surgery and septum correction in a procedure called septorhinoplasty. 

Enlarged Turbinates

If you’re experiencing chronic congestion, it could be due to enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are structures inside the nasal passages that filter and warm the air we breathe every day. When these structures expand beyond their normal size, you’ll be left with an incessant stuffy nose. Turbinate reduction surgery can correct this problem by decreasing its size. However, since turbinates are necessary for proper nasal function, you can’t remove them completely.

Broken Nose

If you suffer a broken nose, you will need to see a nose doctor immediately to assess the damage. They may ask you to return in a few days to wait for the swelling to subside. Once they evaluate the nose injury, you could receive surgery within 7-10 days (before the bones heal on their own). This type of plastic surgery is called nasal fracture reduction and without it, your bones could heal incorrectly. If you wait too long, you could be left with a nose deformity and breathing issues. In this case, you can consider an outpatient septorhinoplasty. 

Aging Nose

Aging is another common cause of structure nasal obstruction. The combination of weakened cartilage and gravity leads to drooping and collapsing of the nostrils. If you’re struggling with breathing through your nose, try lifting the tip up with your finger. If breathing is improved, rhinoplasty could be the answer to your problem. Plastic nose surgery can reshape and strengthen the nose to make breathing easier.

Breathe Clear Institute Can Fix Your Nose Issues with Plastic Surgery 

Before you can undergo nasal surgery, the medical professionals at our Torrance ENT clinic will need to thoroughly evaluate you. There are a variety of causes for nasal issues and we will need to determine the best ENT treatment for your particular problem. For example, if allergies are behind your congestion, immunotherapy could be a more effective and less invasive option. But if we decide that surgery is the right course of action, just know that your nose is in good hands.

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