Why Do You Have Swollen Tonsils?

Get Treated For Swollen Tonsils

If your tonsils are swollen, you usually know it. You can feel them in the back of your throat and it’s not a comfortable feeling. Tonsils are collections of tissues that form part of the immune system. When they are swollen, it’s uncomfortable and unpleasant, but fortunately, it’s not usually a major health concern. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to take care of it as quickly as possible, especially if you have swollen tonsils on a regular basis. Swollen tonsils are often caused by tonsillitis. Learn more about this condition from Breathe Clear Institute below.

Tonsillitis Facts To Understand Swollen Tonsils

Tonsillitis causes swollen tonsils and can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. Most cases will clear up on their own within 10 days, but ENT doctors can examine the throat and take a bacterial swab to diagnose the issue for sure. There are a range of agents that can cause the illness and infection. The tonsils often become swollen and infected because they are the first line of defense against external infectious agents that invade the body.

Symptoms That Often Come With Swollen Tonsils

If your tonsils are swollen due to tonsillitis, you are going to have a sore throat and pain when you swallow.  You might also be able to see red and swollen tonsils when you look in the mirror. You could have a headache, temperature, and you will likely be tired. Tonsillitis can come with a cough as the infection works its way through your body and you may also have pain in the ears and neck area.

Do You Need A Doctor?

You don’t have to see a doctor every time you have swollen tonsils, but sometimes the case can become severe or if can occur multiple times that treatment is necessary. If you have a fever over 103, a stiff neck, or your muscles are week, you should get to the doctor. You will also want to go in if your throat is sore for more than three days.

How Diagnosis Works

When you get to the ENT doctor, they will examine you and look at your swollen tonsils. They may also swab the infected area to determine if the swollen tonsils are a result of a bacterial or viral infection and even carry out a blood cell count to give them more information.

Treating Swollen Tonsils

If your home remedies haven’t worked, doctors may prescribe pain-killing medications or antibiotics to help the healing process. Surgery is sometimes an option when you have recurring swollen tonsils for a number of years. Before you start to guess about the treatments you will need, it is best to see a professional for a diagnosis and proper treatment. Visit with Breathe Clear Institute and make an appointment to get your swollen tonsils taken care of as soon as possible. You don’t even need to be in pain when the ENT physicians at Breathe Clear help. No matter what condition you’re in, count on us to bring you back to normal.