When To See An ENT Doctor For Ear Pain

Does Your Ear Pain Call For An ENT?

Ear pain and ear infections are something everyone gets at some point in their life. Usually, if you have ear pain, you would visit a doctor of some kind. It’s preferable to visit an ENT doctor, as they are ear, nose and throat specialists who understand how to treat those specific areas. But, does your ear pain call for a doctor or is it something that will go away on its own?

Types Of Ear Infections

Ear pain is often caused by ear infections and there are three general types. They occur in the inner ear, outer ear, and middle ear. Outer ear infections are the easiest to diagnose because they can be visibly seen, even by you. They often start as an itchy rash and can lead to pain, tenderness, and even swelling. The middle ear infections are caused by fluid being trapped behind the eardrum, which means the eardrum bulges and you have ear pain. You might feel like your ear is full and there could even be drainage from the ear. Inner ear infections are often caused by inflammation and not infections. They come with other symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and ear pain.

Ear Pain Treatment

The treatment for your ear pain depends on the root cause of the pain or infection. A warm compress over the ear can help lessen the pain in any type of ear infection. If you have an outer ear infection, you might get a salve to help clear up the infection. Middle and inner ear infections call for over the counter painkillers, but they don’t always get rid of the problem—they simply lessen the pain. To know whether you need antibiotics, it’s best to visit with an ENT doctor.

Possible Surgical Needs

Some people, especially children, have recurring ear pain from infections. Children ’s eustachian tubes are smaller and more level than in adults. This makes it more difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear. Whether it’s a child or an adult, a visit to the ENT doctor can help the ear pain stay away for good. Surgical tubes may need to be inserted to help the ear and eustachian tube to heal. If you have ear pain that keeps recurring, an ENT doctor can assess and make recommendations for you.

Visit Your Doctor About Ear Pain

When you need help with your vision, you visit with an ophthalmologist. If you have ear pain, it’s best to see an ENT doctor. Perhaps over the counter medications will be all you need. However, antibiotics or other means of treatment may be needed. No one likes to live in pain and ear pain can be debilitating. Reduce your worries by visiting the ENT doctors at Breathe Clear Institute.