What To Treat Impacted Earwax

What is earwax?

Earwax is a healthy part of your ears. Despite many people believing it is a sign of poor hygiene, earwax is vital to your ears. It helps protect your ear canal from infections caused by bacteria and fungi. It also blocks water from entering your ear canal. With little earwax, you’re actually at a greater risk of developing ear infections. That’s why many doctors are recommending people to leave their earwax alone. 

Is having too much earwax a problem?

Yes, having too much earwax can be a problem. Though many doctors warn people of the side effects of over-cleaning the ear, earwax buildup can cause symptoms that may bother you. Some symptoms of impacted earwax include hearing loss, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and general ear pain.

Ear infections, allergies, and other cold-like symptoms may be signs of earwax buildup or impacted ear wax. If your earwax is green, you may be dealing with a possible infection and should see a doctor. If you see your earwax is black, you may be dealing with earwax build up or impacted earwax

What Causes Impacted Earwax?

Q-Tips, earbuds, hearing aid, etc. can push earwax deeper, causing impacted earwax. This is why many specialists warn of putting things in your ear. When your earwax is pushed that deep into your ear, it can form a blockage impacting your hearing.

Even though your body naturally gets rid of earwax, having too much can cause infection. As it builds up over time, it may harden, which the body will struggle to rid itself of.

How Can Impacted Earwax Be Treated? 

When dealing with impacted earwax it’s important that you don’t continue to put any tools in your ear to remove it. Doing so will only push the earwax further in your ear and you can puncture the eardrum. The best thing to do is see a doctor who can properly examine your ear and advise you on the next steps. 

The good news is, there are some safe ways to clean your ears at home that don’t require sticking things in your ear!

Eardrops: There are plenty of over the counter ear drops that contain peroxide. This will soften the earwax so you can safely wash them out. It’s a quick and painless way to get the job done!

Baby Oil and Mineral Oil: Similarly to over-the-counter eardrops, this will loosen the earwax. Use a couple of drops and let it soak for five minutes. After the times up, simply tilt your head to the side and it will remove the oil and earwax. So quick and painless!

This is much safer and recommended by doctors instead of sticking tools in your ears. This helps you avoid further infection and damaging your eardrum. 

Earwax Removal By a Doctor

When you visit Breathe Clear Institute, we can help you tackle all your earwax problems. With a quick appointment with our doctors, we can help you discover relief. 

Our Earwax Removal Treatment is noninvasive, painless and helps relieve you from symptoms. We won’t put you under anesthesia and once the appointment is over you can leave our offices feeling an immediate difference!

Discover Earwax Blockage Treatment at Breathe Clear Institute

If you suspect that you are dealing with Impacted Earwax or Blockage, it’s important to seek treatment now to avoid any long-term damage. Schedule an appointment and get immediate relief from symptoms with treatment at Breathe Clear Institute.