What are the benefits of joining your clinical trials?

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are investigations into medical procedures, studies of behavior, interventions of medical products (drugs or procedures) used to find new and innovative ways to help treat, manage, and cure illness. Each clinical study has a control method, which is usually something that is already common practice. However, clinical studies do run the risk of discovering methods that do not work and may cause patients harm. The ultimate goal is to have human beings participate in these studies in order to advance the world of medicine. All participants must agree to be a part of the research and meet all criteria necessary for a successful trial.

Clinical trial teams are usually led by a medical doctor with a research team made up of other doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The length of time a clinical study is revealed to participants before they sign on, but varies depending on what is being studied. Clinical studies can be a couple of hours, weeks, months, or even years depending on what the doctors and researchers are looking to discover. 

What are the benefits of me joining a clinical trial?

Most medical treatments and procedures have gone through clinical testing, whether you know about it or not. When you see advertisements for prescription drugs and they list all the possible side effects, those were gathered from participants of clinical studies. If you notice a change in surgical equipment over the years, those tools and ones like it likely have been used to create the best possible engineering for that particular surgery based on clinical trials..

By participating, you not only help future patients but can also find new procedures and medicines that might work for you. Without clinical trials and people willing to participate, we would not advance in medicine the way we have been so quickly. 

Breathe Clear Institute clinical trials 

We offer three types of clinical trials at the Breathe Clear Institute. Below are the trials and their qualifications to join. Be sure to make an appointment or contact us before planning to participate. 

  1. Otonomy clinical trials for tinnitus
    1. Between ages 18 – 75 
    2. Other study requirements must be met for eligibility (contact us for more information)
  2. Nasal polyps
    1. Between ages 18 – 75
    2. Diagnosed with chronic rhinosinusitis with bilateral polyps
    3. Have nasal congestion/blockage/obstruction with moderate or severe symptoms
  3. Chronic tympanic membrane perforation 
    1. Ages 18 – 65
    2. Subject has dry chronic tympanic membrane perforation (CTMP) documented as persisting longer than 3 months

If you join one of our clinical studies, you can count on in-depth and attentive care throughout the entire process. Our goal is to have our clinical trials to be as positive of an experience as possible for everyone involved..

Join our clinical trials – Schedule an appointment with Breathe Clear Institute 

Want to be a part of our clinical trials and help the future of our practice? We would love for you to join us, please click on the link below to see if you qualify and contact us. If we find that you match our criteria, we will give you more details on how to participate. 

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Clinical Trials Offered by Breathe Clear Institute

Being Part of a Clinical Trial at Breathe Clear 

What is a clinical trial? A clinical trial is a type of research study that helps determine how effective new medications, treatments, and devices are for patients. The information gathered from the study adds to medical knowledge, indicating what will and won’t work when it comes to treating various diseases and conditions. There are many personal benefits when it comes to being part of a clinical trial. Individuals are able to experience a high standard of care from some of the best qualified medical professionals and access innovative treatments that are not available to the public. The Breathe Clear Institute is proud to offer several clinical trials, including those which treat chronic sinusitis, stable sensorineural hearing loss, and chronic non-allergic or allergic rhinitis. We at Breathe Clear want to improve the health of current and future generations, which is why we are offering these trials to those who have experienced symptoms associated with these conditions. Learn more about the qualifications of our clinical trials below. 

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis occurs when a person’s sinuses are inflamed and infected for three months or more. In order to qualify for this clinical trial, the potential participant must be at least 18 years or older. The participant must have experienced two of the following symptoms over a 12 week period or more: congestion, nasal discharge, facial pain and pressure in the sinus region, and loss or reduction in sense of smell. 

Stable Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Stable sensorineural hearing loss occurs as a result of loss of or damaged hair cells in the cochlea, which is part of the inner ear. This study will be conducted with FX-322 and potential participants must be between the ages of 18-65 and have an already established diagnosis of  stable sensorineural hearing loss by standard hearing tests. 

Chronic Non-Allergic or Allergic Rhinitis 

Rhinitis occurs when the mucous membrane of the nose is inflamed. This clinical study is with ClariFix, and potential participants must be at least 21 years or older, have a diagnosis of chronic non-allergic or allergic rhinitis, and experience moderate to severe symptoms of rhinorrhea and mild to severe symptoms of nasal congestion.

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If you believe you or someone you know would qualify for one of our clinical trials, contact Breathe Clear Institute today. It is our mission to bring clinical research to as many lives as possible, all while delivering compassionate, respectful, and exceptional care.

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